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adventure time!

It's adventure time! It's raining, and this is a good thing. Northern California really needs the rain. I think our reservoir, Indian Valley, is only about half full. Any way, sitting inside- I have a little cabin fever perhaps. maybe.

Well I started going through and touching up some photos. I'm really excited because I didn't think some of the would be too dark, as they were taken inside Il Duomo di Sienna. Magnificent place, beautiful place, awe inspiring.

Actually my whole week in Tuscany was. i can't wait to go back. Who goes and only spends a week? Well that was the budget then. Next time it is a month.

When we were there, in 2006, the cathedral was getting a face lift.

I know you've heard of Sienna: that is where the famous horse race around the city is every July.

I went to Wikipedia for a little history.

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Siena Cathedral.
The Cathedral of Siena (Italian: Duomo di Siena), dedicated from its earli…