Thursday, July 30, 2009

Good Morning from the Resaurant

I just wanted to share a little about my life, and my cooking experience.
I was in my Grandma's kitchen from the age of 2, and helping my mom cook from about the age of 8.

there was always something to help with. at gram's, I had my own table and apron. My mom was teaching about food safety at 6.

I was making "Bubble Gum casseroles" at 10. What is a Bubble Gum Casserole? Ground meat, cheese, rice or potatoes, and veggies, don't forget seasoning. At that time, I think it was seasoning salt.

I think Chili and Spaghetti may have started out that way.

I worked in many fast-food types growing up. When I got to California 18 years ago I hung up my apron for administrative work for the resort.

But now I am in the restaurant, and having fun. It's so different to work at job, and be in charge of the operation.

Skip ahead.. About a month ago, I started working as a cashier in a resort/retreat restaurant. We serve breakfast and dinner. there is always something new.
We use organic and local produce and eggs.
So I'm going to be sharing with you as much as I can with out giving away too much. I have to keep the confidence of the resort, restaurant and my fellow staff, but we will still have fun.

Every morning we serve a fruit salad. This is my favorite combo.

1 pint of strawberries
1/2 watermelon
1 cantaloupe
2 oranges
2 mangoes
1 pineapple
1 cucumber
1 bunch of red grapes

peal and chop all fruits to bite sized. Come in, order this with some granola, and yogurt, and you have a the perfect light breakfast on a hot day.

Cucumber? yes not only does it provide some green into all that red fruity flesh, but on supper hot days, cucumber is cooling. that is why you see it a lot in Mediterranean cooking.

Anyway, off soon.
Bon Apatite!

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