Sunday, June 12, 2011

Let's have a raw summer

Picture this:  It is a typical July day, it's hot and you're hungry and starting to get a little cramky. You start thinking about what you want to eat. Do you really want to drag out a pot or pan and turn on the stove, just to make yourself and your kitchen that much hotter? Oh, golly, yuck no! So you get crankier. You think, should I then go out and get something.... Go outside, get in a hot car... and drive around town wondering what will satisfy your food cravings. hmm. golly yuck nooo.

How about this a nice cooling refreshing smoothie... yeah yeah.... made with  strawberries, and watermelon. hmm? 

OK. very simple quick nutritious and delish.

2 C watermelon chucks. seeded
1 C hulled strawberries
2 C ice
1 T honey

put all ingredients in the blender in the order listed. Start on low and then turn to high.
Run for 1 minute
if it gets too thick add a splash of juice.
makes enough for 2 servings. 

Yummy ( adapted from the Vita Mix recipe book.

come back later, and I will pass on more raw summer fun. foods.


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