Thursday, July 14, 2011

The 4 Hour Body

The 4 hour body

This is a fascinating read. Full of unconventional things you can do to lose the extra weight.

It is called The 4 Hour Body by Timothy Ferriss

There are other subjects in the book, but lets talk about the rapid weight loss.

Some of the tips include ice baths, doing squats after eating a big meal, and letting yourself binge once a week, and eating a high protein breakfast.

Let’s look at a couple of them

Getting cold: In a way this makes since. When you’re cold, you burn more calories. Look at the nature shows where the scientists are exploring the arctic. They always take about bringing extra food. Exercise, hiking when you’re really cold, burns more, there fore in order for them to maintain they need to eat more. So the logic says if you want to loose, get cold.

Start slowly. Don’t shock you’re system. Put ice packs on your neck and head. Then move to cooler and cooler showers, and then go for the ice bath.

Eating a high protein breakfast: The book recommends eating 30 grams of protein 30 minutes after waking. Sounds like a lot. That’s the equivalent of 5 eggs. There are ways of getting that protein with out the added calories. One way is a protein smoothie. Just add a good quality protein powder.

Protein helps feel full, and the right kind of protein can help balance blood sugar. So you don’t get that slump mid day. It’s also been proven that eating breakfast will help in eating less the rest of the day. It will prevent those “oh so hungry got to eat everything in site” binges. This has been my practice for years- Eating protein for breakfast. I don’t think I’ve eating 30 grams worth, but the little bit I do helps me not feel sluggish and stupid

Hope this helps

To your success.


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