Sunday, July 10, 2011

Are you hungry yet?

Yesterday, I had an “ah-ha” moment. After doing some reading and listening to my hypno session. I occurred to me… I am in control. I am in charge of my eating. I felt suddenly free from the worrying and planning and the second guessing myself whether I was hungry or going to be hungry in the future.

In that moment, I felt lighter, and happy. The first time I tried to do conscious eating, I got a copy of 7 secrets of thin people. I was always worried and second guessing myself, and wasn’t happy. I constantly had to ask myself “how do I feel?” Maybe I wasn’t serious enough to make the change.

A few years later I tried again. I got a copy of “Diets Don’t Work” and slowly started going through the exercise. Yes it was uncomfortable to go through all those exercises, and I worked for a while, but then went back to second guessing and worrying.

See one problem really over weight people have: We can’t stop thinking about food, whether we are hungry or not. So we trick ourselves into eating when we don’t have to. In today’s world we are always looking at advertisements for food, on TV, the internet, billboards, the side of buses…etc.

Anyway back to my current book. Why is this one different? Yes they all say eat when your physically hunger stop when you’re full. Why is I can Make you thin so different? I think it’s the hypnosis and the self hypnosis he teaches in the book. Yes there are exercises to check in with you, but there are techniques to get through the tough times—there aren’t charts and graphs and loads of questions to answer and analyze.

Anyway yesterday was a breeze, and the spaghetti was delicious, and I just ate one bowl.

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