Wednesday, July 6, 2011

How do you feel about Brinner?

How do you feel about "Brinner?". What is Brinner? Brinner is Breakfast food served at dinner time. Some folks will make cinnamon rolls, or pancakes. Carbonara was invented because American service men in Italy in  WWII had to have bacon and eggs. so someone figured out how to make a pasta dish.
I love a good carbonara. I sometime go a little further and add chicken too.

but this is post is Brinner not pasta. Once upon a time one of my favorite cooking shows was Everyday Italian. yum.
Giada did a breakfast for dinner show once, although she didn't call it Brinner.

she served steak, and asparagus topped with a fried egg, Italian parsley chives and a little crumble of goat cheese.
This is my take on that.

Serves one.

1 egg
1 T butter
1 tsp chives.
8 spears asparagus
2 tsp lemon juice
1 small fillet of beef.
1 t olive oil
1 t grill seasonings. like Lawry
salt and pepper
in a small sauce pan. add some water, bring to a boil. add trimmed asparagus and a pinch of salt.  set on low to simmer.
In your favorite grill pan. put on stove and get it hot. Brush it with the olive oil. add the fillet. Cook until desired doness. season to taste with a little salt and the gill seasoning.
drain the asparagus. melt the butter and add the lemon juice. add back the asparagus. turn off heat and cover to keep warm.
Fry the egg in the a non stick pan.
On a nice dinner plate. place the steak, arrange the asparagus around it and place the egg on top. sunny side up.
dress it up with parsley and chives.
and viola, their you have a classy Brinner.


  1. Remember when we had waffles and sausage for dinner and watched Star Trek on TV?
    sometimes hashbrowns, too?

    love, mom

  2. oh yes. I always liked your hashbrowns.


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