Friday, July 8, 2011

A New Beginning....

Lets face it dieting is ridiculous. Who really weighs and measures each bite of food they stuff into their mouths? OK a few—for the rest of us we’ll do it for a while, but, then we start guessing. Then after a few weeks we’re back to our old eating habits.

I have been on so many diets. Low carb, low fat, no fat, no white sugar/flour diets. I’ve tried giving up bread, milk, and processed foods. I even tried to go vegetarian once. -- All this to try to lose weight.

Every diet makes me a little fatter and a little more frustrated. It’s been 35 years since I started my first “diet”

If you really want to loose weight and keep it off, you need to make a lifestyle change. You want to do this. It’s important to your health and over all well being.

There are some great mental exercises I recommend. They come from “Diets Don’t Work” by Bob Schwartz, “7 Secrets of Thin People”, and my new favorite “I can make you thin” by Paul McKenna.

Paul’s Book also comes with a 25 minute hypnotherapy session.

The basics that these books share, are be conscious of what you eat. Be fairly physically hungry when you eat, and enjoy the food. Then stop when you are full.

If you are bored, tired, stressed, lonely do something else. Chances are you are not really hungry.

If you are thirsty drink some water.

This is my new journey... I will still post my favorite recipes, and reviews, but I'd also like to talk about some conscious food choices.

I'd love some input...

Peace Kimberly

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