Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Year of Hamberger

A year in the life of  hamburger

Let’s face it money’s tight. So we buy a lot of hamburger. –err ground beef.

Sounds so unappealing-- hamburger. I think that why more people use the turn ground beef. The name of dish and description of  its ingredients can be so important in recipe creation. We eat with all our senses. What does it look like what does it sound like. What does it taste like?

Granted in my life I have eaten something that looks terrible, but tasted wonderful. I mean really look at your average stove top type casserole. By the time the meat veggies and pasta/rice/potatoes gets added it can look really bad, the combination of flavors and textures… wow... or not.

So really it is just the two of us at home- the curmudgeon and me... (he picked out that nickname all by himself);  -- long story. --  yes my partner is a curmudgeon. so he thinks.

He’s actually quite helpful around the house. He cleans, does yard work, does basic vehicle maintenance, and will occasionally make things in the kitchen. OK salad and soup, rice.. . He make a pan of brownies from the package once. I was so proud. and this from the man who said he would never cook. Never say never Darling. 

So, back to the hamburger, Since we eat so much of, and so does the rest of the American public, I am putting together a collection of hamburger recipes. A year of ground beef.

365 days of has been taken. So I’ll come up with my own name. I can tell you know the curmudgeon will help chop veggies. and joke about it. and he'll  help eat it too.

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