Sunday, June 17, 2012

Home from Seattle

Home from Seattle: Almost too much, but WOW! beautiful scenery, lots of laughter, and too much food. I guess that sounds strange coming from a food blogger.
So, what do you think of when I say Seattle? Sports? Salmon? Rain? Coffee?

I had it all, sort of... Rode the monorail, saw rhe stadiums, the Space Needle, the art museum, Chinatown, Pike Street Market, ate good food, had coffee at Seattle's first Starbucks, stayed in a great hotel, and had a good massage. It was funny watching the food network in my room.  Diners, Drive-ins and Dives was having a mini marithon. One of the shows was Kansas City BBQ. (hee hee)

Then it was off to Olympia for more great food and lots of laughter with my giggle sister. Years ago we started "TOPJAL" temple of perpetual joy and laughter. It has a very exclusive membership.

Friday on the way home I think I died. But first had to ask the curmudgeon if the kitchen was still standing. He grinned slightly, and in his Droopy Dog imitation said "yes dear." of course with cook gone the kitchen was clean and shiny. Ah, this to shall pass.

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