Monday, January 28, 2013

Boiling the Bones

The other thing that happened at the end of last year, was i moved to a new apartment. This one has a little bit bigger kitchen. That means I can experiment a little more. the increase in counter space means I think I can make pizza..

I want the focus to still be on good old fashioned comfort food, with a a direction in cooking for two. That will be my challenge. I always cook for a crowd. When there really is just two of us.

More on soup stuff:

one of the things i learn working in the restaurant, was that if you roast the bones, you get a richer flavor to your broth. The trick is not to let them burn, but to give them a nice brown color.

In the stock pot, put in plenty of water and salt. also add veggies, like onion, celery, carrots.

let it simmer all day. i sometimes use my crock when making stock.

When I'm satisfied with it. I strain it toll the bones, and the veggies. Toss the bones. skim the fat off then freeze it.

Did you know that it easier to remove that fat from frozen broth? Reason because the fat doesn't freeze as hard as the broth.

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