Sunday, September 22, 2013

The Story of Cheese

In the beginning God created the cow, and He saw that the cow was good, and He gave the cow to man. He said " take this cow for she gives milk. It will sustain you."
Man was very pleased and took the cow and the milk. Man enjoyed the fresh milk and declared it good. 
But soon man was not pleased, for the milk soured. He wanted his milk to be portable as he traveled through out the land, and he asked God how can he make the milk portable and keep it from souring? 
God told man in order to make the milk portable and not sour he needed to make the milk solid. 
Man was so excited by this, but yet puzzled. "How Lord do we make the milk solid?  Surely only you can do this". And God smiled. 
"Take the rennet from the sheep's stomach and add it to the milk. Mix it well, and that will make the milk solid." 
So man went off excited. He found a way to extract the rennet and added it to the milk. 
Man mixed and stirred the milk. And lo the milk started to separate and solids formed. Man was in awe. He took the solids and ate of them and declared them good. 
Then man said to God "what should call this wonderful treasure?"And God said "you shall call it cheese. And it will be good and portable and won't sour."
And man took his cheese with him though out the land and it was good. 

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