Friday, March 6, 2015

A New Approach to Wellness

If you’re like me, and tired of being in pain, over weight and sick all the time, then let’s take a journey.

First let’s talk about some of the symptoms 3 or more times a week:

1.       Back pain

2.       Headaches

3.       Sleeplessness

4.       Bloating

5.       Gas

6.       Loose or runny stools

7.       Constipation

8.       Acid reflux

9.       Cramps

10.   Water retention

11.   Weight that never seems to come off

12.   Sinusitis  (constant runny nose)

13.   Itchy burning skin

Did you say yes to any of these? Then read on. There is a very strong possibility that these symptoms are cause by allergies or food intolerances. All these symptoms can be caused by histamine reactions. Some are mild and some severe.

The body and our digestion work in perfect harmony when we get the right kind of fuel. When we give it the wrong kind of fuel, then things can go haywire.

My advice:  Get on a very special diet, called an elimination diet. Eliminate wheat, yeast, eggs, dairy, soy, corn, and nuts. Why? Eggs and nuts are very common allergies, especially peanuts, wheat because gluten may be the issues.  Dairy is not so good because it is treated with so many antibiotics and hormones. Corn, soy or so modified and genetically engineered any more that they are no longer the same food stuffs they started out to be.

My own journey began a year ago. I have struggled with weight gain most of my adult life. Now that I’m getting older, I didn’t want to go through menopause and into my senior year being obese. Getting around is hard enough now.

I have tried many diets, and never could stick to them, or never felt as good as I thought I should. So, while visiting my chiropractor I noticed an advertisement for a weight loss program that he was supporting. You’ve heard of hcg? Well this is the version of it.

For 6 weeks you take drops with hcg mixed with an amino acid compound while doing a mini fast. On this mini fast you eat only low fat protein, veggies, fruit and about 50 calories worth of carb for 2 meals a day for six weeks, and then you ease off it. I did this a couple of times. I lost 40 pounds. Woo Hoo!  

I noticed as I eased back into normal eating that certain symptoms started appearing. I listed those above.  Then I saw a show on PBS. A nutritionist, J. J. Virgin, had written a book--The Virgin Diet. She said we need to give up 7 foods for 21 days. Then start added one back at a time.  She provided some great information and some easy recipes to get started.

I was impressed, so impressed that I now revamping my blog. “Cooking with Kimberly” is now gluten and dairy free.

I know there are lots of people with food sensitivities. I will try to provide simple tasty recipes, and provide some good information for those suffering from similar symptoms. 

There is so much information out there now it's over-whelming.  If you would like some help sorting through that information, or more information on wellness coaching or would like an accountability partner feel free to visit my website or email me at

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