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Aunt Ruth's Snickerdoodles

The star of the this family recipe is Aunt Ruth. I my opinion  one of the most wonderful people to walk this planet. She was always so kind and loving. -- and such a good cook. You never left her house hungry


1/2 cup soft margarine1/2 cup softening1 1/2 cup sugar2 eggs2 3/4 flour2 tsp cream of tarter1/2 tsp salt1 tsp baking soda

For rolling:

5 tablespoons sugar2 teaspoons cinnamon 

Preheat oven to 400.
Cream together sugar margarine and shortening beat in the eggs
Mix flour, cream of tarter, salt and soda
Slowly add to the flour mixture to the margarine   and egg mixture.

shape dough into balls. roll in the cinnamon and sugar.
Place on a cookie sheet 2 inches apart.
Bake 6 to 8 minutes or until set.
Should get about 6 dozen

Adams Family Cookbook, cookies,

Sunday Pot Roast

Here's Sunday pot roast on Monday. All you need is a crock pot.

2 1/2 lb pork shoulder 3 cups green beans4 cups diced potatoes1/2 cup chopped celery 1/2 cup chopped onion1/4 small green bell pepper chopped 2 tsp minced garlic2 cups baby carrots.14 cup stock2 tsp salt1 tsp pepper1/4 cup orange juice1/4 cup maple syrup
This is the easy part, add all the ingredients to a crock pot. Put the roast on the bottom of the crock pot and sprinkle with salt and pepper. add the maple syrup, orange juice and broth. and syrup. add vegetables on top. and cook on low for 7 hours.

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Belle's Special Cornbread.

As a food blogger I love creating new recipes and sharing them along with some old family favorites. This recipe is part of that "secret" collection I was never quite sure if I wanted to share. I say this because my Gram made it this way, and I confess I prefer cornbread make like this. No flour,and  no sugar, It's sweet enough and firm enough all on it's own. Gram always said cornbread make with flour and sugar was corn-cake not cornbread.

Depending on the texture you want, choose course ground of a finer ground cornmeal.  the more course the cornmeal the crumblier the cornbread will be.

Since Gram was from NW Arkansas, there is a great mill, to get fresh organic cornmeal and other goodies. It's call War Eagle Mill outside Rogers, AR. Look them up sometime.


1 cup organic yellow cornmeal1 cup buttermilk1 tsp baking soda3 Tsp vegetable oil1 tsp salt 1 egg.


Mix the baking soda into the buttermilk.
In a large bowl mix the buttermilk mixture, …

Cousin Joyce's Six Flavor Cake

Here's a yummy entry in the  Adams Family Cookbook. This cake is so moist you don't need frosting. I think it's time to put some coffee on.  


2 sticks of butter3 cups of sugar1/2 cup oil5 eggs3 cups flour1/2 tsp baking soda1/2 tsp salt1 cup milk1  tsp coconut extract1 tsp rum extract1 tsp lemon extract1 tsp butter extract1 tsp vanilla extract1 tsp almond extract
1. Cream butter, sugar  and oil until light and fluffy.
2  Add eggs.
3.  Sift dry ingredients together
4.  Alternately add creamed mixture  with milk.
5. Stir in all the extracts.
6. Pour into a tube pan and bake 1 1/2 hours at 325. Serve and enjoy Adams Family Cookbook

Mexi-Stuffed Chicken Tenders

So what can you do with chicken tenders, salsa, couscous and Sargento cheese?

That is the question of the month on "Chopped". The Food Network and Sargento Cheese are sponsoring a contest for home chefs.

This is my creation. Stuffed Chicken Tenders.

I made a "risotto" out of the couscous, chicken broth and cheese, added green salsa Verde, garlic, onion and a little lime juice.
Then pound the chicken tenders flat, rolled the couscous in the tender and baked with more salsa on top.
My final presentaton:
Feast your eyes on this entry for 's at Home Challenge! Vote now:
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Zesty Asparagus

Asparagus time! Don't you just love fresh asparagus? And this recipe is very simple to make. This goes great with pork, chicken, grilled shrimp... 
1 cup (about 4 oz.) sliced mushrooms  1/4 cup Italian Salad Dressing  1 tsp. lemon juice  1 lb. asparagus spears, ends removed  2 Tbsp. PLANTERS Sliced Almonds  3 tsp lemon zest1 tbl melted butter

MIX mushrooms, dressing and lemon juice in large nonstick skillet; cook on medium heat 3 to 5 minutes or just until mushrooms are tender, stirring frequently. TOP with asparagus; cover. Reduce heat to medium-low; simmer 5 minutes or until asparagus is crisp-tender.
SPRINKLE with almonds, lemon zest and butter

Magic Lemon Pie

I guess I'm just in pie mode, and Gram has been on my mind lately. She made the best pies It's a wonder we didn't weigh 400 pounds. Going through her cookbook, I found the Magic Lemon, Yummy another favorite. Enjoy
Ingredients:3 eggs, separated2 tsp  grated lemon rind1 can  Eagle Brand® sweetened condensed milk½ cup  lemon juice1 9" baked pastry shell or prepared graham pie crust¼ tsp  cream of tartar¼ cup  sugar
Preparation:1. Beat egg yolks; whisk in lemon rind, sweetened condensed milk and lemon juice. Pour into prepared crust.
2. Bake in preheated 325°F oven for 25 minutes. Remove from oven. Increase oven temperature to 350°F.
3. Beat egg whites with cream of tartar until foamy; gradually add sugar beating until stiff peaks form but not dry. Spread meringue on top of hot pie, sealing carefully to edge of crust.
4. Return to oven and bake for 10 minutes or until meringue is golden brown. Cool. Chill before serving, if desired.

Adams Family Cookbook

Best Chicken Soup


12 Budget-Minded Mood Boosting Foods

Top 12 Mood Boosting Foods to Try on a Budget
Happiness is only a few forks and spoons away. Diet can affect moods, and specific foods can be used to improve how you feel. However, splurging on expensive saffron isn’t necessary. These mood boosting foods are easy to add to a budget-conscious grocery list.  The food you consume affects body and brain chemistry, so it’s important to choose the right ingredients while shopping.
Put these items in your shopping cart and enjoy: Turmeric. Turmeric is an inexpensive spice available in grocery stores. It influences the brain by increasing neurotransmitters responsible for feelings of happiness.
Tomatoes. The lycopene in tomatoes is linked to the reduction of inflammatory compounds. These compounds affect the mood and lead to depression, so eating tomatoes is one way to stay happy.
Cherry tomatoes are recommended over regular tomatoes because they have more lycopene. However, all tomatoes have this important nutrient.
Beets. This vegetable…

Delicious Spicy Cucumber Salad For 2


1 large cucumber, cut into small chunks 4 green onions, thinly sliced½ red chilli, deseeded and thinly slicedJuice of lime2 tbsp of soy sauce1 tbsp water½ tsp sugar

Instructions: Place cucumber chunks, onions and chilli into a bowl. Add the lime juice, soy sauce and sugar. Combine and chill for a few hours.

This makes a great side salad with any BBQ meat.