Sunday, September 4, 2016

All Slabbed Up

My taste bubs were absolutely delighted Friday evening. We discovered All Slabbed Up in Leavenworth Kansas.

The place doesn't look like much. 60's style Diner seating mixed with high tip tables and chairs that seem to be in need of painting.  The are miniature dollar bills pinned to the walls. Also there is a medium sized deck for outdoor dining.

The menu is simple with country and Western sounding names like The Duke, Silverado, campfire taters and tumble weed tater tots. 

The menu has the usual, sandwiches, ribs, brisket and the famous KS burnt ends.
The serve soft drinks and Boulevard Ale.. it's a  local favorite, brewed in KC.
We had the Silverado with campfire taters. 

What came out was a plastic basket full of French fries with grilled onions and a pulled pork sandwich topped with not creamy Cole slaw and a bun the barely covered a full third pound of meat and cabbage.

The last time I had something this good my uncle had smoked the pork and seasoned it with his "secret" sauce. I think bourbon in involved.
First bite and I was in love. The pork was smoked, tender and just a little tangy The Cole slaw was still crisp.

There was two sauces. One was mild not too sweet, and the other had a kick. But be prepared the heat sneaks up on you, so have your drink close by.
Just a note on bar be que sauce, sometimes Kansas City style sauce can get too sweet depending how much brown sugar or molasses is added. 

So all in all they get a 10. I will be back. Next time maybe we'll get the Duke.

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